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Bloody Heads, oil on paper, Collection of Metropolitan Museum Of Art, NYC

Miriam Beerman is a visual artist whose works are so powerful that I cannot comprehend why she is not better known. Her works are in the collections of some of the most well established galleries and museums in the world. I do not possess a formal art education, so I checked in with friends who do and they, too, were thrilled to learn of Beerman’s achievements. The film, “Miriam Beerman: Expressing the Chaos” is available on Vimeo ( I discovered it through the American Masters series on PBS.

Beerman’s life and her works should be included in everyone’s cultural education. Thank you, Miriam Beerman, and thanks to the people who made the film.
“I have spent most of my life creating images that are responses to the brutality of our time. I am reminded constantly of the world’s injustice. It weighs upon my mind and body. Therefore, I seek the beauty and the vigor of the paint and the poetry that inspires the act of painting.”

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