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The Arrangement

If there is one thing that I consider myself an absolute expert at, it is re-arranging furniture. It started when I was a skinny ten-year-old kid, banished to my bedroom for cleaning purposes by my mother. Hours later, I would emerge, having moved the furniture, and re-stacked the books. But the actual “cleaning” remained undone.

Over the years, in many different living situations, I have arranged and re-arranged furniture, rugs, art and the like. I am certainly not an expert at interior design, rather at knowing when the things must be moved around. Housemates, employees, children, and partners have all been employed in this never-ending enterprise.

 I now inhabit an adorable 1920s apartment. The renovation of this unit was completed recently, and I am the first to live in it. I worked as a consultant on the restoration of this small building. To use an art metaphor, it seems as though I completed the sketch on the canvas months ago and now, I am adding more layers of imagery. I have been here for three weeks and today I re-hung the artwork for the second time. What joy! A previous post brief visits the renovation of this building.


Using picture molding to hang framed art is amazing! In my quest for arrangement perfection, I typically make too many holes in the walls. Number One has wonderful windows throughout, which means little wall space. I used picture wire to hang two pieces together.

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