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Caring is Art is a guided journal that offers words of encouragement, quotes from fellow caregivers, useful resources, and self-care prompts, all accompanied by beautiful imagery. Published by sisters Leilani and Olga Norman, this guided journal features original paintings, photography, and illustration. It can be used as a personal journal, a notebook for important information, a reference log, a doodle pad, or anything in between. Caring is Art makes a lovely gift for caregivers from family and friends.

Artist and former caregiver Leilani Norman offers a gift of thanks to dementia caregivers everywhere through this journal. She writes, “The daily experience of caring for my mother ranged from fulfillment to heartbreak. When I learned to let go of who my parent used to be, I was able to attend to her evolving needs and to love her deeply, just as she was that day. The most difficult times, emotionally, were when my mother asked me to help her in ways that I could not.”


A portion of profits from sales benefits non-profit organizations that provide support to caregivers of persons with Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia.


Excerpts from the journal, Caring is Art:

Caring is an art form that we practice daily, no matter where we are on the journey. The duration may be brief, or it may be years long. This passage offers us many opportunities to express our love through our presence, our labor, our intentions, and our letting go.


Consider the 5-minute Vacation

Doodle. Water the plants. Confide in the dog.


Lift Your Spirits

Tell the story that always makes you both laugh



Fellow caregivers share their experience:

“I cared for my father for eight months as my mom was experiencing caregiver burn out. It was at this time that my dad and I had the most real conversations I have ever had with him.”


“I’m supporting my mother over a long distance, so I can’t visit with her in person as often as we both would like. It is a challenge to deal with my feelings of hopelessness, lack of control and guilt. Between visits, I stay in touch with Mom through phone calls, cards, letters, and care packages.”


About the Author:

Leilani Norman completed a twenty-year arc of support to her parents when her mother died in late 2021. Leilani is a volunteer with Dementia Support Northwest of Bellingham, Washington. She holds a certificate in Gerontology from the University of Washington and a BA in Psychology. Her interest in caregiver self-advocacy through nutrition and wellness are the bases of two academic papers she wrote, “Connecting the Dots: Nutrition and Cognitive Health” (2020), and “Optimal Caregiving: Fostering Cooperation Between Direct Care Workers and Residents’ Family Members” (2021).


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